WAMHS Education Department

Passionate Community Health Educators

Women’s & Men’s Health Services of the Coastal Bend has a very active education and outreach department providing presentations and programs to groups throughout South Texas. Our trained Community Health Educators are dynamic and passionate about what they do. WAMHS education programs provide current, accurate information about family planning, personal responsibility, healthy relationships and life skills.

We believe that education helps people to adopt healthier lifestyles and supports stronger relationships, stronger families, and safer communities. We believe education is the front line of prevention.

Our mission is to provide education and outreach to all members of the Coastal Bend community in all its diversity; to raise awareness of important health issues in creative and engaging ways; to help prevent the unhealthy, unwanted, and unplanned consequences of risky behaviors; and to EMPOWER people to be proactive and take responsibility for their health, their relationships, and their families.

What is Sex Education?

Sex education is HEALTH education!

It is a life long process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values about sexual identity, relationships, and intimacy.

It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of our humanity.Understanding healthy sexuality allows us to make informed decisions in all aspects of our lives so that we can be responsible, respectful, happy, and safe as individuals, couples, families and communities.

What do WAMHS Community Health Educators do?

Our educators are invited to present to a diverse range of audiences on a broad spectrum of topics including puberty and basic anatomy, decision making, self esteem and body image, goal setting, communication, healthy relationships, healthy dating, dating violence, sexual assault and coercion, bullying and harassment, teen pregnancy, abstinence, contraceptive methods, and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. We can adapt our presentations to meet the specific needs and guidelines for each audience.

What do WAMHS Community Health Educators provide?

  • We can provide one-time presentations or a series of topics on a regular basis.
  • We can offer before/lunch/after-school programs for teens; for co-ed or separate groups.
  • We speak to classes (elementary through college), parent groups, social service professionals, teachers and administrators, foster families, church groups, clients in substance abuse recovery programs, incarcerated adults and youth, civic organizations, and business groups.
  • Programs are age-appropriate and adapted to meet the special needs of each audience.


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WAMHS Educational services, programs, and materials are made available to the public through a combination of grants and donations.